Initial Consultation



It is vital to spend the time reviewing many aspects of your life in order to understand factors that may be affecting you and to personalise a treatment that will be successful.  With advanced body and stress analysis tools, I also evaluate internal body signs pertinent to your health and treatment.  These take time, but are great ways to provide valuable feedback.

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Follow-up Consultation

1 hour*


1/2 hour*


*Appointment time will depend on the complexity of your situation and support requirements.


Nutritional Analysis

8 page full colour digital report


In-depth scientific reporting on dietary intake, highlighting macro and micro nutritional excesses and deficiencies.   Corresponding dietary plan is also provided showing foods and actions required to correct the dietary anomalies identified. This reporting can be done at any time and doesn’t require a physical appointment. Contact me for instructions

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Bio-Feedback Therapy 

1/2 Hour


Perhaps you are interested to gauge your internal stress levels and learn how you can manage them better without having to do meditation? This session involves using stress reduction training using computer based biofeedback (can only be accessed after initial consultation).

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Home Detox

Per hour


I will visit your home and detox your pantry and fridge, all the while discussing the reasons benefits and alternatives suitable for your life and circumstances. 

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Corporate Nutritional Myth-Busting Presentation


From $200 - contact me for quote

Book me for a 45 minute Nutritional Mythbusting Presentation to your staff or clients.  This presentation is guaranteed to keep the audience engaged and informed and is based on the latest science and trends.  There is no better way to show you care for your employees or clients in our confusing and often contradictory world of health information .

Breakout personal consultations for individuals onsite can also be arranged to deal with specific health issues.  Contact me for quote.

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Online Consultation

1.25 Hours


Though I’ d much rather see you in person, I can conduct a consultation over the internet via FaceTime or Skype if you can’t travel to see me.

all pricing includes GST